The Last Breakdown

RuneScape’s 10th anniversary celebrations is coming up this weekend with more top balloon droppery from Mod Crow and Mod Karolina, who’ll be leaving more cryptic clues to party locations all over RuneScape.

They’ll be showing up at tons of parties and also throwing crazy parties of their own! Don’t forget it’s the last weekend for grabbing anniversary candles and cakes from RuneScapes impromptu balloon drops, so if you’ve not ran into a balloon yet this year, your last chance to try is this weekend.

On to other things, Paul Gower continues his wander down RuneScape’s memory lane today as he launched the second part of his anniversary blog. Last week Paul looked at exciting First Four Years of RuneScape, touching on various milestones including the launch of Asgarnia, the founding of Jagex Ltd and the launch of RuneScape members’ content! In this week’s Next Six Years blog he’ll bring us right up to date.

Mod Hohbein and Mod Paul M of RuneScapes Community Management also mentioned

“Those of you with an eye for cool design will be pleased to hear that the winning entry of the 10th Anniversary T-shirt Design competition has now been immortalised on the Jagex Store! Our thanks and congratulations go to Ryurinshin for coming up with such a unique design, which you can check out live on our store.

Speaking of unique designs, we had so many great entries to the T-shirt design competition that we’re now planning to release some more T-shirts based on the designs you submitted! We’ll have more information on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled.”

It looks like 2011 is going to shape up to be a good year for RuneScape and thier fans!

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